Twin Mattress

Twin Mattress — Buyer’s Guide


Choosing a new mattress can be an overwhelming task. With so many brands, sizes, and types of beds out there, many people may be unsure how to even begin searching for the right replacement mattress for their child. Mattress Firm New Mexico, Albuquerque’s number one mattress dealer, is here to give you all of the information you need to help you pick out a new twin mattress that your child will enjoy for years.

What is a twin mattress?

The best way to pick out a new mattress for your child is to think of Goldie Locks and the Three Bears. A crib or toddler size mattress is too small. A full mattress is a little too big. A twin mattress is just right. At 38in wide by 75in long, twin mattresses are the perfect size for most children. For kids who are taller, a twin XL mattress provides extra length without additional width.

What firmness does a twin mattress need?

Firm mattresses provide more stability and are good for kids transitioning to their first beds or those who sleep on their stomach. Older children tend to want a more comfortable mattress. Plush mattresses are great for side sleepers and kids who want the soft, pillow-top cushion.

Where should I buy a twin mattress in Albuquerque or Santa Fe?

You should purchase a mattress from a dealer that provides two essential promises: low price guarantees and a long trial period. A reliable mattress dealer will not only give you the best price for your bed, they’ll also allow you to test it out for a few months to make sure it’s the right mattress for you.

Twin Mattress Santa Fe & Albuquerque

Mattress Firm New Mexico has a variety of twin mattresses in Santa Fe & Albuquerque that provide comfort and support to sleepers of all ages. All of our mattresses come with both a 120 Night Low Price Guarantee and a 120 Night Sleep Trial. Don’t let your child lose another night of quality sleep! Stop by Mattress Firm New Mexico and let us find the best twin bed for them today!

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