Best Features to Look for in a King Size Mattress

You shouldn’t lose a single night of sleep searching for a new king size mattress for your New Mexico home. Mattress Firm has the right king size mattress Albuquerque and Santa Fe homeowners need to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed each morning. We have a wide selection of king size mattresses from the leading brands in sleep innovation.

A Truly Royal Sleep Experience

A king size mattress will be the crowning jewel of your bedroom. Though it is the same length as a queen size mattress, it adds an additional 16 inches of width for maximum comfort. Those who sleep with a partner will enjoy a peaceful night’s rest without disturbing one another. It even has enough room for a small child or pet to share in your slumber.

Best Features to Look for in a King Size Mattress

When looking for your new king size mattress, there are three key factors that you must evaluate:

  1. Firmness

The firmness of a mattress and your sleeping position must be compatible for you to enjoy a restful night of sleep. Back sleepers may require medium firmness; however, side and stomach sleepers may need a softer material like a memory foam mattress.

  1. Body Support

The firmness of a mattress can also impact your level of physical discomfort. Those who may have problems like joint pain or lower back issues may need a firmness level. Ask your physician for a recommendation on which mattress material may be best for your body.

  1. Material Lifespan

Depending on the materials and technology used to design the mattress, your bed may last anywhere from five to ten years. You want to choose a mattress that’s comfortable but also resilient enough to last you close to a decade.

King Size Mattress Albuquerque

Mattress Firm of New Mexico has the best mattresses from the leading brands.  All our mattresses come with a 120 Night Sleep Trial and 120 Night Low Price Guarantee. Shop in-store or online today to find the perfect king size mattress Santa Fe and Albuquerque homeowners rely on for a great night’s sleep.

Original Source:- https://mattressfirmnm.blogspot.com/2018/10/best-features-to-look-for-in-king-size.html


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