Why a King Size Mattress is Best for Albuquerque Homeowners

Many of our Albuquerque and Santa Fe customers may wonder why they should consider a king size mattress over other sizes. When searching for a new mattress, the following sizes are available:

  • Single
  • Twin/Twin XL
  • Full/Full XL
  • Queen/Olympic Queen
  • King/California King

While single, twin and full-size mattresses may be ideal for young or growing children, they often do not offer the level of comfort most adults need. For instance, a full or full XL size mattress may accommodate two adults, however, it will likely not provide the leg room or body space each individual needs to be comfortable. Because many homeowners share a bed with their significant other, queen size or king size mattresses are often the smallest size mattresses they test out first.

Why Invest in a King Size Mattress Over a Queen Size

Although a queen will comfortably accommodate most couples, there’s one key reason why Mattress Firm recommends investing in a king size mattress for your Santa Fe home: family growth. A quality mattress can provide you with supportive, comfortable sleep for as long as ten years. In that time, your life can change drastically. A king size mattress is ideal for Albuquerque couples who expect to have children or pets sleep with them, providing everyone the space they need and the comfort they want.

King Size Mattress Santa Fe

Why purchase a smaller mattress when you will likely upgrade in a few short years? Come to Mattress Firm and invest in the perfect king size mattress that will cater to your growing Albuquerque family!

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5 Useful Tips for Buying Mattress in a Sale

During a mattress sale, Albuquerque and Santa Fe homeowners can take advantage of low prices and special offers on some of the best mattress brands in the industry.  Mattress Firm of New Mexico wants you to get the best deal on a new mattress which is why we’ve gathered five useful tips for shopping during a mattress sale.

5 Useful Shopping Tips for Buying a Mattress in a Sale

  1. Shop Before the Sale

With so many mattress options, you want to make sure you take the time to select the one that’s best for you. If you’re considering purchasing a new mattress in the near future, begin testing models before a sale begins so that when the sale starts, you’ll already know which brand or mattress type is right for you.

  1. Shop as You Sleep

The first step to finding the right mattress is to test it in the store.  You will need to lay the way that you would normally sleep to truly discover whether or not it will provide comfort for your sleeping position.

  1. Shop with All Sleepers

Since each person has a different sleeping position and comfort level, it’s especially important that couples’ shop for their mattress together.  Even if you and your partner require different levels of firmness, many mattresses companies offer models that cater to multiple sleepers.

  1. Shop for Brands with Lasting Strength

Low prices aren’t the only way you can get an exceptional value during a mattress sale Santa Fe.  As you shop, look for brands that are reliable and will provide you with lasting comfort for many years to come.

  1. Shop at a Mattress Dealer You Know and Trust

Where you purchase your mattress is just as important as the mattress you purchase. Shop with a mattress dealer that offers benefits like a low-price guarantee or a trial period in which you can return the mattress if it doesn’t give you a perfect night’s sleep.

Mattress Firm Albuquerque and Santa Fe

At Mattress Firm of New Mexico, finding the perfect mattress is easy.  Visit us in-store or online to learn about our amazing mattress sales that will get you the affordable mattress of your dreams.

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Best Features to Look for in a King Size Mattress

You shouldn’t lose a single night of sleep searching for a new king size mattress for your New Mexico home. Mattress Firm has the right king size mattress Albuquerque and Santa Fe homeowners need to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed each morning. We have a wide selection of king size mattresses from the leading brands in sleep innovation.

A Truly Royal Sleep Experience

A king size mattress will be the crowning jewel of your bedroom. Though it is the same length as a queen size mattress, it adds an additional 16 inches of width for maximum comfort. Those who sleep with a partner will enjoy a peaceful night’s rest without disturbing one another. It even has enough room for a small child or pet to share in your slumber.

Best Features to Look for in a King Size Mattress

When looking for your new king size mattress, there are three key factors that you must evaluate:

  1. Firmness

The firmness of a mattress and your sleeping position must be compatible for you to enjoy a restful night of sleep. Back sleepers may require medium firmness; however, side and stomach sleepers may need a softer material like a memory foam mattress.

  1. Body Support

The firmness of a mattress can also impact your level of physical discomfort. Those who may have problems like joint pain or lower back issues may need a firmness level. Ask your physician for a recommendation on which mattress material may be best for your body.

  1. Material Lifespan

Depending on the materials and technology used to design the mattress, your bed may last anywhere from five to ten years. You want to choose a mattress that’s comfortable but also resilient enough to last you close to a decade.

King Size Mattress Albuquerque

Mattress Firm of New Mexico has the best mattresses from the leading brands.  All our mattresses come with a 120 Night Sleep Trial and 120 Night Low Price Guarantee. Shop in-store or online today to find the perfect king size mattress Santa Fe and Albuquerque homeowners rely on for a great night’s sleep.

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